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Expect a boom in the business of supersonic flight

February 12, 2019

Can we agree that flying these days is kind of the worst? It feels like the changes airlines have made are rarely in our favor. Take smaller seats, narrower aisles and baggage restrictions. Plus, consumers have lost some technological ground. When the Concorde stopped flying more than 15 years ago, we lost access to super fast flights across the ocean. Now some companies are working on ways to bring supersonic travel back for commercial flights within the next decade. They're talking everything from Mach 1, the speed of sound, to many times faster than that. Jed Kim talks with Guy Norris, a technology editor at Aviation Week. He says at Mach 2.2, flights from New York to London would go from six hours long to just under three. He expects we'll see companies ease into this market rather than make a space-age leap. Today's show is sponsored by Indeed, Ultimate Software, Topo Athletic and Lenovo for Small Business.

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