ctress Brooklyn Decker, director Peter Burg and actor Taylor Kitsch attend the 'Battleship' press conference on April 5, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea. The film was released overseas far ahead of the U.S. and has already made $170 million. - 

This final note on the way out. This being a Monday, we were greeted with the customary box office figures for new movies this morning. And we learned "Battleship," the latest blockbuster from Universal, has taken in $170 million so far.

Which is kinda funny, 'cause it doesn't open here for another two and a half weeks. Forbes points out that the film -- which has been roundly panned -- is being opened overseas just to get some of its investment back in advance of possibly taking a drubbing here in the States.

Disney apparently did the same thing with Avengers over the weekend -- opened in 13 countries overseas, made $178 million.

Although that one I am gonna go see. C'mon, Captain America and Thor together?

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